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Intalnire Zoom Mai 2021

Intalnire Zoom Mai 2021 2022-08-26T09:46:47+00:00


Date 18.05.2022
Activity A4. Project management activities

A2 Generation of a common process for working, Sub activity 2.2 – Organizing 6 study visits

Goal Discussions regarding study visit in North of Romania

Short review of the common activities



–       LAG BarbagiaMandrolisaiGennargentu Rural District

–       LAG NapocaPorolissum

–       LAG Lider Bistrița Năsăud

–       LAG Lider Cluj

–       LAG La Cittadella del Sapere

–       LAG Razim

–       LAG Delta Dunării

Summary of the discussion Focus of the discussion was for the upcoming study visit in North of Romania.

During the meeting there were also short discussions regarding the temporary disposition of the activities carried out within the project, data collection of each partner, common website, seminars, common platform.



At the end of the meeting the following could be concluded:

– the event will take place 3 days – 1 day/each LAG from the North of Romania: date of arrival 14 of June in Cluj Napoca – departure and accommodation in the territory of LAG Lider BistritaNasaud; 15 of June study visit at LAG Lider BistritaNasaud, 16 of June Study visit at LAG NapocaPorolissum and 17 of June study visit at LAG Lider Cluj; date for departure 18 of June.

– Iulia will send and email for all partners with request for number of participants and info regarding the visit

– after the list of participants is received hosting LAGs will send the agendas for the event

– we approved to include in the agenda one management meeting and a peer review of the data collection from each territory.

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